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Why good ventilation is important in a loft?

¬†Good ventilation in a loft is crucial for several reasons. Proper ventilation helps to regulate temperature, preventing the loft space from becoming excessively hot or cold. In the summer months, when temperatures soar, effective ventilation allows hot air to escape. This is keeping the space cooler and more comfortable. During the winter, ventilation helps to…
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What are the benefits of loft boarding ?

Who wants to scramble around that dusty loft space? Could you store a few items up there and save some money and incovenience? The answers are ” No One” and No.   Utilizing lofts for storage offers numerous benefits, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking to optimize space efficiently. Here are the top…
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The best loft ladders

Loft ladders serve as essential access points to otherwise unused or underutilized loft spaces, providing convenient and safe passage for homeowners and professionals alike. With the growing trend of converting lofts into functional living areas, the significance of loft ladders has become increasingly apparent. This blog explores the importance of loft ladders in maximizing space,…
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The importance of Loft Insulation

In UK, a large number of homes do not comply to current building regulations of 270mm thickness of thermal insulation and will require a top up. This will involve adding additional insulation material on top of existing insulation, giving a new layer of protection to your loft. A quarter of heat loss in an non…
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